Buying Discount Golf Clubs


Discount golf clubs are certainly a temptation for many golfers since the price of a complete new name brand set can be in the $1,500 or higher range these days. This article will discuss various ways of procuring discount golf clubs, and the pros and cons of doing so.

Know Yourself- Get Fitted Properly

Before laying down a chunk of cash on golf clubs, it is imperative that you know what clubs to look for. I suggest a club fitting be a certified professional club maker. That is an investment every serious golfer should make, but less than 10% actually do this. And by the way, trying out a couple of different clubs at a Demo-Day does not constitute a proper club fitting. If you purchase discount golf clubs and think you have saved a bundle, what good is it if the clubs are wrong for you? Thus, if you are looking for a discounted driver, for example, you should know exactly what kind of clubhead, loft angle, shaft, club length and grip are right for you. If you know all of this, then and only then does it behoove you to purchase any clubs, be they new, used, or discount golf clubs.

Ebay Auctions

I have heard that Ebay is the largest seller of used cars in the U.S. right now. I don’t know if that is a fact for certain, but they sell a lot of golf clubs as well. A search today for “golf clubs” yielded over 15,000 active auctions. So you have a lot to choose from on Ebay. You must know exactly what you are looking for, as discussed above. If you find just the right club or clubs, be sure to check out the rating of the seller. If the seller has good ratings from past auctions, it is probably safe to assume he or she is honest and you can send them money without much worry. If there is any doubt, forget it. You must be as confident as possible that the seller is honest. Of course this goes for any Ebay auction, not just for discount golf clubs. For your convenience, some Ebay auctions are listed on this web page and several others on this site. If you click an Ebay ad on our site and then make a purchase, we do make a small commission (full disclosure). This helps offset some of the costs to run the site and doesn’t affect your purchase price in any way.


I’ve always liked Golfsmith and have built a good number of clubs using components purchased from them. They have an excellent web site with tons of information. You can certainly save money buying components from Golfsmith and building the clubs, if you are up for that. Golfsmith has a lot of good instructional information as well regarding club building. If you have had a proper club fitting and know what to purchase, this is a good option. It’s really not that difficult. Golfsmith also has a trade-in service, and you can get a discount on a new set of clubs by trading in your old ones. This also means they have lots of pre-owned clubs for sale. Check out the pre-owned section of their site, and you can find some pretty good deals. You can pinpoint what you want by using the search box on the site. You have two levels of protection here, the established integrity of Golfsmith and the brand of the clubs your are buying.

Discount Golf Clubs at Pro Shops

I recently was in a local pro shop and they had a new Cleveland hybrid for sale for half price. The reason it was half price was because it was last year’s model. Golf pro shops have outdated equipment on sale all the time because they want to get rid of old inventory. The company, Cleveland Golf in this case, surely made a few tweaks to the clubs from one year to the next, but there probably isn’t anything close to revolutionary (unless you believe the marketing pitch), and last year’s model will work just fine. But, as always, that’s only the case if the clubs fit you.

Discount Web Sites

Watch out here. Many discount clone or knockoff clubs look good, but if you don’t know better they were probably made in a low quality factory in China using inferior materials and workmanship. Unless you can be certain the clubs were made in a factory with high quality materials and manufacturing processes, it’s best to pass on the deal. What we are looking for here are discount golf clubs, not garbage golf clubs.

And remember, get yourself a serious club fitting by a certified clubmaker. You’ll get more out of your game whether you are buying the most expensive set of brand name clubs or a set of discount golf clubs. He can also probably get you into an excellent set of custom made clubs along with the fitting for about the price of just buying a brand name set without any club fitting. I also recommend reading Tom Wishon’s excellent book “The Search for the Perfect Golf Club”.

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Buying Appropriate Golf Apparel

Like your clubs, the clothes that you wear on the golf course can both benefit or adversely affect your game. A good golfer wears clothes that not only fit with a golf club’s dress code, but also allow him to play comfortably. Keep reading for some tips on golf apparel basics as well as critical gear for rain and windy conditions.

The Basics

1. Golf Shirt

At a minimum, your golf shirt should have a collar and be clean and pressed. Choose a fabric that breathes easily, like cotton, and a fit that allows you to comfortably move through a full swing. Don’t wear a shirt that is so tight it restricts your mobility.

2. Trousers or Shorts

Trousers should have belt loops and be belted. Shorts are acceptable on the golf course, but choose shorts that are an appropriate length. Also, always test your swing in a new pair of golf pants. You want to have a full range of comfortable motion.

How you dress on the course reflects on you and your attitude toward other players. Never wear jeans, cut-off shorts, sandals or old t-shirts on the course. These will be view as disrespectful of the game and your fellow players.

3. Hat

A hat is invaluable on the course. It keeps the sun out of your eyes, prevents sunburn and helps to keep your head cool. Any clean hat, free from inappropriate slogans will be acceptable on the golf course.

3. Golf Shoes

Most courses will only allow golfers with proper golf shoes on their course. Pick a golf shoe that fits comfortably. To ward off blisters, try breaking them in at home first before you venture off on a long game; and don’t forget to pack a pair of street shoes to wear after your golf round. Some players like waterproof, Gore-tex shoes, which are great for wet climates.

For more inclement weather golf-wear tips, keep reading.

4. Light Jacket

Most golfers like to carry a lightweight jacket in case the weather turns chilly. Choose a compact, portable jacket (usually hip length) that will keep you warm if the sun clouds over or a little bit of drizzle starts.

For a fully waterproof jacket, opt for Gore-Tex. For something that’s water resistant, but a little lighter, choose a Teflon-treated fabric.

5. Heavier Rain Gear

First, you should never golf in a major storm, particularly if there’s thunder and lightning. Your gear and clubs can act like a lightning rod and pose a serious danger. However, if you find yourself in a light rain storm and want to play through, there are gear options available, such as full pant and jacket suits.

The most common material used in these suits is Gore-tex, which ideally should keep you dry and allow your skin to breathe naturally. A vinyl fishermen’s coat won’t do this.

Finally, always opt for clothing that’s clean and in good shape. Golf is traditionally considered a “gentleman’s sport.” It may seem old-fashioned, but how you dress during your round of gold is a reflection of how you view the sport, the course and your fellow players.

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Buy Cheap Golf Shoes And Have Money For Other Equipment


When you are trying to decide how to assemble your golf package, you need to look at what exactly you need and weigh all alternatives in order to make wise purchases. If you are shopping on a budget then you need to take time to decide what you can spend little on in order to be able to spend more on other items. These other items could include tees, gloves, clubs and a bag.

Shoes are one good item to save money on. You can buy other better items by saving on good inexpensive golf shoes. You can use the extra money you save to buy new clubs, golf sportswear and other specialty equipment items.

Now, you’ve probably heard before that cheap usually means low quality, but it does not have to be that way. If you take the time to not only shop for price but examine the shoe, you can have both.

Low Price is Not Indicative of Low Quality with Golf Shoes

Golf shoes can be found in different price ranges and are never indicative of the quality of the shoes. However, there are limitations. If you are limiting yourself to only spending $20 on golf shoes then you will most definitely have problems finding quality one.

But there are many vendors who offer low prices on golf shoes and you can still find quality shoes at these prices. For example, shoe vendors like Adidas, Footjoy and Nike all have specials and great price offers that will give you the opportunity to save money and direct that money to buying better equipment for your golf package.

The Internet is also great for finding inexpensive golf shoes if you want to see more than just these brands. The Internet will also give informative descriptions on the brand you are considering and if you cannot find that information, you might need to shop for another brand.

Where Do You Find the Cheap Golf Shoes?

The Internet is a useful venue for finding all your golf supplies, apparel and equipment. This is in addition to the physical outlets where you can shop for these same items. The cheap golf shoes can be either found at the outlets or on any one of the numerous web sites selling these products.

Just by doing an Internet search you can find numerous different golf sites selling equipment and accessories to help build a total golf package and at a much reduced cost in comparison to what you would spend at a specialty golf shop. Also, when you shop online, you will likely find items that you would never find in specialty golf shops. When you shop online, you can do it all right in your home. All of this contributes to finding the right inexpensive golf shoes that will fit the purpose you need and at a price that is within your budget.

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Blame That Horrible Golf Course Sand Trap Bunker On Scottish Sheep


Sand Traps on golf courses – better called “Bunkers” cause great trouble for most golfers. How is that these demons came about to be the scourge of most ordinary golfers?

Amazingly bunkers came about due to geography and topography surrounding the origins of golf and golfing on the windswept desolate Scottish early historic golf courses/ because these holes were sheltered from the cold Scottish breezes, sheep would take refuge in these areas. Thus the holes expanded. When this land came to be used for golf pursuits, it was often too much hard work and time for grass to grow back. Hence the locals took advantage of the sheep’s efforts and fashioned sand filled bunkers from the holes.

On these old courses, the golfing greens were sited so as to maximize the bunker’s threat to golfer’s shots. Hence the sand traps, properly called “Bunkers” came to be named “hazards” in the rules of golf and golfing. Later on in golf and golfing course architecture, golf architects would place these insidious “traps” so as to penalize wayward shots. As a result golf course bunkers are seldom in the middle of the golf fairway – they are usually on the sides of the golf course fairways. Talk about mean and sadistic.

How deep is the usual bunker? That is like asking – what is temperature in New York or what the temperature in Winnipeg, Canada is. It all varies depending on the course , type of sand, the golf course greens keeper preferences and laziness and even the time of year and weather – making a difference as to how wet the sand is and how much has blown away. The usual depth of the sand in a golf bunker can be said to be generally 2 inches in depth. This amount does stop the golf ball form burying too much on landing bit still provides a decent cushion for the escape shot.

Sand bunkers can be the most frustrating and feared part of most golfers. It is the last places most want to be in or finish. It’s a reasonable fear but then again why should such simple sand in a hole cause so much grief on the golf courses of the world?

Fear of the golf bunkers need not be pervasive. It all comes down to a lack of technique, understanding and lack of practice of dealing with these shots. On top of that many golfers will only hit the ball harder getting even angrier all the time.

It all comes down to preparation and practice. Your local golf pro can show you easy tips. Most people never practice sand bunker golf shots. It’s akin to a belief that if you never go near the water you will never. However in this case you will play golf, and at some time you will end up in the sandbox – properly called the “bunker”.

Take the time during the golf season or better yet in the off season to ask your local golf pro for some help and tips on how to get your golf ball out of the horrible sand bunker. If you want to reduce your golf tension level and frustration level as well as reduce your golfing score this is time and money more than well spent.

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