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Golf Training Exercises You Need To Improve Your Game Are Very Simple

Golf training and conditioning exercises are not as difficult as most people think they are.

It is important to understand that these exercises are very different from many of the rigorous exercises that you will often see athletes using to condition their bodies and stay in shape.

For example golf training exercises using weights are not designed to built bulky muscles. Usually much lighter weights will be used and will be lifted more times as opposed to normal muscle-building training which will involve much heavier weights being lifted fewer times. The muscle-building exercises will also call for longer hours of exercises daily. Golf training exercises will usually take very little time.

What is more is that many golf training stretch exercises can easily be carried out in your office, while still seated at your desk or work station. This means that even if you have the sort of schedule that leaves you with practically no time to spare, you can still find the time to put in some serious golf training exercises that will take your game of golf to another level that you have never known before.

There is plenty more evidence that golf training exercises are not as rigorous and difficult as some would want to believe. For example in my golf training exercise programs I have worked with very young and very old golfers with the same success. Youngsters will have difficulties taking in extremely rigorous exercises and so will senior citizens.

Golf training exercises are not designed to help prepare you for a record-breaking 100 meter dash down the track. Or for an Olympic gold medal in weight-lifting or gymnastics. The training schedule for these accomplishments naturally require lots of will power and discipline to even start.

Instead golf training exercises are usually very specific and are designed to impact particular aspects of your golf game.

The Stress Free Golf swing

Golf Training Aids – Real Value

What else can I say about the golf swing, that has not been said before?, the golf swing is what makes golfer who they are, looking for the perfect swings, the natural golf swing and constantly building your swing is what defines golfers.

There are many approaches and methods for the golf swing and many different golf swing training aid, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all need practice, and if you ever played golf in your life, you know that this practice may take a little longer than the 3 hours you spend on the golf course every Saturday morning.

Golf is a game that requires perfection in many different levels, even for those who want to reach a lower handicap, something around the 11-14 golf handicap means that you need to spend a lot of time practicing your swing, not to mention your bunker play, your mental game and the many different situations a golf ball on a golf course can create.

Most golfers, or to be even more precise – most amateur golfers (not professionals) do not have enough time to work on their swing, I never met a golfer (and I met a few) that told me they had enough time to work on their swing, and that creates a huge problem, trying to get to the course (did you ever try to swing a golf club indoors? Don’t.) and manage some social life will not allow the average person enough time to work on his swing, and this is the exact reason why so many golf experts have devised many golf training aids to help golfers out.

Golf training aids are meant to be used mostly in the home, in the office or at the park while spending time with the kids, most of them are not meant to be used on the golf course because once you are on the course you should focus on playing golf and not practicing it. Golf training aids can help you with your golf swing, it is not a guaranteed fact that you will get better, but having some kind of golf training aid will increase your chances to work on your swing – just because it will be more available to you.

Constantly working on your swing, at home or at the office, for a few minutes a day can do wonders to your game. If you are taking golf lessons or you plan to go to a golf school to get better, than you absolutely should consider getting some golf training aid – it will make it easier for you to repeat what your golf instructor told you, it will give you the chance to keep working on that new thing you just understood on the range – every day, and wherever you want, it’s a great advantage.

The golf swing training aid is the thing that you should invest in before putting money into lessons and golf schools, just because it will allow you to do what they teach you every day, or at least twice as much as you can today (when visiting your golf club or a golf course near your home). There is no doubt that the most significant thing in golf is the swing, and someone told me that golfers think about golf every 3 minutes on average (I know I do) I am pretty sure that most than half of these thoughts are golf swing thoughts… put more time into it, and get better, by using a golf swing training aid.

The Stress Free Golf swing

Golf Training Aids – Putting

If you are playing golf from time to time, you must have already understood that the thing golf players call “the small game”, is what you need to learn in order to improve and advance in your golf game.

The small game, like a game within a game, is all that is not the long game, not requiring woods, hybrids or low irons, is the approach game, or a small game. Putting is a huge part of this part of the game of golf, and is no less crucial than a good drive or a good save out of the rough.

Putting has a huge part of this game, it is the part that finishes all what you have done before, therefore a great drive and a wonderful iron swing will not be enough to get that small white ball to that small hole, this will be achieved by putting, and if executed well enough, you will consistently have a “two putt” game, which means that you will get your ball close enough to the hole on your first putting attempt, and that you will finish it off by putting your second try into the hole.

This is exactly why you should realize how important it is to get better in putting and better in understanding the powers that make a great putter. While confidence and swing trust are something that can be achieved and practiced without the use of a golf ball, a putter, or anything actually, a good, consistent putting can definitely be achieved by regular practice and commitment to get better.

That is why putting is the first thing you should think about when you start thinking of expanding you golfing to beyond your club, or the local golf course. If you will practice putting a few times a week, in you home or in your office, you will probably discover that you have a much better approach to putting altogether, and that you find it easier to putt and score.

Consistent rehearsal of your rhythm, you putter swing and some of the tips and tricks you learn, will ultimately give you a winning advantage over your less committed golfing friends, understand your putt and you will not arrive at the green with fears and anxieties towards that dreaded four putt.

While putting is much less glamorous than other aspects of golf, and while most men love to invest all their time and energy into making that small white ball fly a long distance and spend as much time as possible in the air, putting is what gets you results, lowers your handicap and allows you to enjoy the game more, any player that improves his putting discovers that golf has many other sides to it other than the mechanics of a swing and power of following through.

The best thing to do is to visit a few online golf shops and look at what golf training aids they have that will improve your putting, next thing is to go out and find a shop that has one of those and trying it for real, once you make up your mind its only a question of how and when you buy this golf training aid, and how committed you really are to improving your small game.

The Stress Free Golf swing