Golf In Ireland Is Great


Golf in Ireland is a joy for sure and also one of the best ways to enjoy your golf vacation. There are no business meetings, no phone calls to bother, just you and your fantastic new golf clubs. The best experience, you can give to your life is golfing. If you love playing golf, golf in Ireland will provide you with great golfing experiences.

Finding a good golf course does not seem to be hard at all in Ireland. There are lots of golf clubs to choose from. You can find golf courses with sunny beaches or with more moderate climate.
Here are some of the famous Irish golf courses:

The Royal Dublin Golf Club:
The Royal Dublin Golf Club, more than a century old golf course is most venerate and the second oldest golf course. This golf club covers a huge area of 230 acres and belongs to the Adare Manor Estate. Adare Golf Course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. offering a magnificent parkland layout. This is one of the leading parkland courses in Ireland.

Beaufort Golf Club:
This golf course was founded only in 1995 but is fast becoming a play venue for all kind of golfers. Beaufort has been carved from natural terrain and lush with plant growth. Some characteristics of Beaufort Golf Course are the bunkering patterns, large contoured greens and generous fairways. Eighth hole is the jewel in the Beaufort crown. The beautiful green course bestow you a splendid scenery of the beautiful McGillycuddy Reeks mountain range. On this course each hole asks solemn questions of a golfer’s ability.

Druids Glen:
This club is located along side of the Fota Island, Mount Juliet and Carlow. Druids Glen hosted the Irish Open Golf Championship from 1996 to 1999, was awarded with the prestigious Hertz International Travel Awards. Due to its outstanding beauty the golf club area is called as “Heaven’s Reflex”.

Killarney Golf Club:
Killarney Golf Club comprises three top-class parklands – Lackabane, Mahony’s Point and Killeen Course. Killeen Course is the jewel of the Killarney golfing crown.

Ardfert Golf Club:
This Irish golf club is situated 15 miles north of Tralee and is the right place for people who are looking for an economical nine holer. The course is in existence from 1994 and has attracted thousands of visitors so far. It just measures 5700 yards, proving that a layout doesn’t have to be a monster to make it both interesting and challenging. Snacks are available for visitors in a clubhouse, nearby.

These golf courses will not only make playing golf in Ireland interesting and challenging but also a memorable one.

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Golf has come a long way


Can you imagine what the people that came up with golf at St. Andrews would think of about it now ?

Some might get down right sick to their stomachs, others would be insanely jealous. The jealous one’s want all of our high tech clubs and golf balls and the one’s that are sick of us, would hate the fact that we changed the game for ever. But with changed equipment has come changed golf courses that are much harder than the original St. Andrews Golf Course.

The original golfers had no quality equipment of any kind they didn’t even have a golf ball yet. Their clubs were nothing but wood, basically a stick with flat end on it. The balls they used could barely even be called a ball, no where near round or perfect like we have today. To think we complain every time we scratch a ball by hitting a cart path or something, and they played very well with what they had.

In the last 20 years golf has changed dramatically, from the equipment, to the players and fans. The clubs have added a tremendous amount of distance to a player’s game and today’s golf balls are scientifically engineered to help with spin, bounce, and distance as well. The overall sport has taken off all over the world, kids are playing in high schools, and colleges, and ticket sales for PGA events are often sold out. Most course you visit are full and it’s getting harder to get a tee time places.

Not only has the equipment to play the game advanced, but practice equipment and training aids have improved too. Every part of the game has it’s own focus, from your grip and stance to your swing. All these advantages we have now are the things that history’s golfers would love and hate.

By improving the equipment, have we made the game easier ? …NO

Bobby Jones said it best; “Golf is played in the five inches in between you ears.” So golf will never get easier, it will always be our head games that make it so hard. There are books, audio books, and all types of other training aids to try and help your ‘mental golf game’. Some of these things will work for some, but others will need to just keep practicing until their confidence comes around and your thinking less and just swinging more.

Golf is a game to bring families and friends together, offering a day outing to bond and learn about each other. Being out in nature playing a round of golf with the people you love hasn’t changed since the first rounds at St. Andrews. For more information on golf see here:

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Golf Handicap Systems Help Even Out Scorecards For Competitive Golf Play


The golf handicap system is implemented at golf courses, for golf tournament play. Trophies and prizes are awarded at the end of golf tournaments, based on golf scores. In order to make the golf game fair play, the handicap system is based on the ten lowest differentials of the last twenty games on an eighteen-hole course in one season. Some golf associations will accept fewer golf games. It can also be used for fair play outside of golf tournaments. The following is a short guide on how the golf handicap system works.

Handicap numbers are recorded for golf players numbered one through thirty-six, the number one being the lowest handicap, and the number thirty-six being the highest handicap. A scratch golfer has no handicap, better known as a scratch player.

Now lets take a look at how these numbers come into affect. If a player’s handicap is ten, and another player’s handicap are twenty. The difference between the two players is ten golf strokes. Therefore, to even up the match, the player with the lower handicap, which this case is the ten-handicap golf player, has to give out ten golf strokes to his opponent on eighteen holes, to make the golf game fair play. How do you identify on which golf holes they are going to be given out?

Typically on most, if not all golf scorecards, you will find numbers 1 through 18 near the bottom of the scorecard beside Men’s HCP and Ladies HCP. The numbers 1 through 18, you will also find out of order. The reason for the disorder of numbers is, the number 1 being the hardest golf hole, and the number 18 being the easiest golf hole. The golf course, or architect of the golf course, determines the order of numbers on any given golf hole, by the yardage and slope rating, and or other difficulty of the golf hole.

Now that we have determined how many golf strokes are to be given out, and where they are to be taken. The higher handicap in this case, which is the twenty handicap golf player, gets ten golf strokes for eighteen holes, on holes numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10. This should make the match a lot closer, if both players are playing within their game. It typically works out to one golf stroke on every other golf hole in this example, depending on how the golf course is laid out. Another example would be a scratch player and a thirty-six-handicap player, the scratch player having to give out two golf strokes on every hole.

Keeping track of your handicap, and using a handicap system, will help make the game fair play in a lot of golf matches, when playing against other opponents.

Check with your local golf pro, or golf association, on an official guide for the golf handicap system, and for maintaining a legitimate handicap. If you belong to a golf course, they should have a system in place to use for tournament play, which is recognized by most golf courses and golf associations. You can also find golf handicap software on keeping track of a golf handicap.

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Golf Grips and Full Release Grips


Grips are the most important equipment of golf club.  Golf grips which provides faster grip lose is considered to be best golf grips.  There are different companies in the market that manufactures the golf grips keeping needs of the golfers in mind.  Experts recommend frequent change of golf grips to avoid disadvantages of your used golf grips which may be lead to loosing your grip due to hardening, oxidizing or grips getting slick.  It is always better to change your golf grip either after 3,000 rounds or once in six months.


Introduction of full release golf grips is considered to be the biggest change in the golf club during last century.  Full release golf grips help you in improving you game.  Full release golf grip enables you to hit straighter and farther.  It also gives you advantage of improving accuracy, confidence and distance.  You will find number of golf grips available for sale in the market.  You have wide range to choose from. Golf grips and full release golf grips are manufactured according to the approved specifications.  Full release golf grips facilitate you in full release of the golf club and to achieve club head speed at its optimum.


Following are the some examples of full release golf grips.

  • X-line full release golf grip: This golf grip is made up of smooth rubber.  You have the option to either purchase it singly or are available in the set of 13 set golf kit.
  • X-line cord golf grip:
  • X-wrap full release golf grip: These x-line grips are also made up of smooth rubber.
  • 2 color wrap full release golf grip
  • Designer wrap full release golf grip: These golf grips are made from soft polyurethane.  These are tacky wrap golf grips.  Designer wrap full release golf grips are available in two types names Wrap designer red golf grip and wrap designer blue red grips.  These designer grips are known for their property of becoming tackier where the weather is inclement.
  • Reverse design golf grips


Generally these full release golf grips are available in golf grip sets.  A golf grip kit consisting of grip tape, visuals (video) and instructions for use of golf grips is always accompanied with the golf grips.


Full release golf grips manufactured according to Taperedo Technology specifications are like that of baseball bat grip, thinner at the top end and thicker at bottom end.   Patents confirmed golf grips permits you easy release that enhances swing speed of club and gives you improved game touch.


Following are the few salient features of full release golf grips:

  • Full release golf grips help you in professional players’ like proper finger tip grip. This helps you in improving your game.
  • Full release golf grips provide you with enhanced distance and speed of club head.
  • Full release golf grip helps you in improving your short game.
  • Full release golf grips allow you powerful release without changing swing weight.
  • Golf grip reduces hooks and dispersion in slice-shots.


Full release golf grips have displaced the traditional grips.  It is felt that these full release golf grips will become more popular in near feature considering the benefits it offers to improve your golf game.

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